I did my own little recon around this place the other day and you know, not many people wear watches anymore. In fact, now that I think about it, there aren't many watch repair shops in Billings and not many places that have huge display cases with watches in them. Everyone used to have watches. People don't need them anymore because they all carry their phones now and the time is always there.

My dad loved a good watch and was never without one when he was out and about. I think many women wear them now because they look nice, like a great bracelet. Even if you drive around town now, there aren't as many signs that display time as there used to be. Even more uncommon now are the large clocks on public display. Churches always had clocks on them. They wanted to make sure people knew when it was time for service, accompanied by a bell at the top of the hour. We have a sleep ordinance in town now, so I doubt that bells would even be able to chime at the top of the hours.

So now, not many watches, not many watch repair shops, not many public clocks or noisemakers at the top of the hours. I guess it safe to say that that the only thing for certain about time or times is that they are changing. And as you get older you will find out that time passes much faster than it used to. Maybe that's why I have no desire to wear a watch. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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