Now that we're done with the elections, I've noticed a lack of pointless arguing on my Facebook feed.  However, if you're itching for a good, completely pointless debate, you should chime in on the great Oreo Debate of 2018.

If you asked me what color an Oreo was, I would say black, but apparently there are thousands who would say "brown".  Brown?  Really?  When is the last time you saw a brown and white dog named Oreo.

Believe it or not, this question appears in the FAQ page on Oreo's parent company's web site:

What color is Oreo: black or brown?

We do not have a color assigned to the cookie portion of an OREO. Some people think the OREO is a shade of brown, while others view the color closer to black.

So, if you miss all of the Tester vs. Rosendale arguments, feel free to chime in on this extremely important issue.

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