I grew up in an era with lots of Summer Camp movies.  "Meatballs," "Ernest Goes To Camp," "Camp Nowhere," "Friday the 13th"...almost all of those movies made me want to go to summer camp, but it just wasn't an option where I grew up.  The closest I ever got was church camp, which was just about a half dozen kids and a few youth directors. It was fun, but it was just a camping trip. No cabins, camp directors with whistles, teams having different competitions, etc.

I was trying to talk my kid into going to one of those "movie style" camps and I'm not sure if they actually even exist.  There are plenty of activities labeled as camps which might be fun but have little to do with the sticking your kid on a bus and sending them off into the woods for a week or two.

I found a couple of things I wanted to share:

Alpengirl Teen Summer Adventure Camps Bozeman, MT looks like a good option if you have a girl between the ages of 11-16.  This is in Bozeman and I'm currently doing some research on whether or not it fits the bill for what I'm looking for.

Nansel Ranch Guest House Forsyth, MT is for boys and girls and gives them a chance to spend a week on a working cattle ranch. Their website doesn't give a lot of information about the camping experience, but they do list a phone number: 406-201-0084.


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