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Hopefully, you're not too tired of hearing about how Yellowstone County is not allowing any fans to attend school sporting events. But, I know a lot of parents that are furious over this decision. And some of them are having a little get together Friday, August 28 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Yellowstone County Courthouse. I suspect that it's going to be well attended.

Some other counties are allowing a limited number of fans, but not us. The petition that was put up on collected more than 25,000 signatures. Apparently, that wasn't enough for our county officials to change their minds. We've been told by listeners that their phone calls aren't getting returned either. You can understand the frustration.

A couple of interesting points occur to me. First, I don't think that there will be another group of protesters that will show up and shout "Pro" keep-fans-out things.

My second thought is that when the legislators get back in session in Helena, they need to revamp our county health director's powers. Maybe even change his position to an elected one. Most people that I talk to had no idea that he could decide which jobs were essential and which weren't.

I have no idea if the protest will get anything changed. I don't know anything about the legal process that would let parents and fans back to sporting events. But I'd love to see that happen.

I also don't understand how people who are paid by our property tax dollars don't have to do our bidding.

I would also like to see one of our local TV stations get a response to the protest from our county health officer after the protest wraps up.

I wish I could play guitar. I'd go write a killer protest song.

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