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We had a couple of big things this week.

First of all we had Police Chief Rich St John come on the show and explain why they need the upcoming safety levy to pass. Then we presented him with a check for $50,000 to help purchase body cameras for every police officer in our department. And more cash has trickled in and we are close to writing them another check for $10,000 Billings backs their blue.

Then I got quite a bit of feedback on my article about the planned protest happening tonight. And one of the main talking points had to do with letting fans in to watch their kids play sports. Let parents be there to cheer for the kids. It's the right thing to do. And not in just SOME Montana counties.

From the number of comments on my post about not believing everything I'm being told about the pandemic, I saw that most folks feel the same way that I do.

And of course, because I'm Mark, there was golfing. It was Wednesday. I'm on the third hole of the Elmer Link Course at Pryor Creek Golf Course. I'm 185 yards out in two. That calls for my seven iron. As I go to grab it, I see that it is gone, which means that I left it at the last course that I played, which was in Big Timber.

So I called and they had it. My buddy Chris White and I were to play yesterday. He had the day off, so he ran up there and got it for me. I have great friends.

Then yesterday at Briarwood I birdied the twelfth hole for the first time in the 30+ years that I've played there and I did it by making a putt of about 75 feet. The other 186 shots I carded this week didn't matter.

Thanks to all of the individuals and businesses who sent us money for the body cameras. Also thanks to the Billings Gazette for the coverage.

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