In the Great Falls Tribune this morning I see that they are not getting the compliance that they wanted on people not talking on their cell phones while they are driving their cars.

Fines will go from $100.00 to $200.00 for your first offense. Repeat offenders will face fines up to $500.00 AND up to 40 ours of community service.

I've actually seen surveys that showed that holding your cell phone to your ear and talking is safer than using one of the "hands free" devices. And one factor that never gets discussed is that a LOT of people shouldn't have a driver's license in the first place.

Dear City of Great Falls, You  have some sort of vendetta against people who are "talking & driving". How are your DUI stops/convictions lately? Are those up or down? What about drug seizures? Up, down or about the same as always?

When I'm driving to work every morning before sunrise, I love when I see a traffic stop of a vehicle. Drugs, booze, warrants? Never does anybody look at a traffic stop and say "Boy, I sure hope that was one of those damn cell phone talkers!"

Please quit wasting law enforcement's time. They already have plenty of much more important laws to enforce.