I am just as sick of it as you are. But political advertising is something that we have to put up with every 2 years, and then every four years for the presidential race. I have some news for the candidates who spend all of that money. Your advertising dollar has never affected my vote.

I feel that voting is a privilege and it is up to the voter to do the homework on candidates as well as any ballot issues or initiatives that are being voted on. And I hate the fact that you don't have to pass some sort of general political knowledge test before you vote. It scares me to think that anyone could see a sign on their way to the polls that they think is pretty, and then vote for the candidate that paid to put the sign up.

So, if you have placed your political ad on my radio station, the TV stations that I watch, ran some sort of online ad that plays after I play a word on "Words With Friends", or if you sent me one of those oversized post cards with your picture on it/your info about I-175,000, I'm just telling you that you have wasted your money.

For a few years, I think there used to be a law where no political ads could run on radio or TV on election day. I wish that was still the case. If you don't know how you're voting on something on election day, I wish you'd just stay home.