Regardless of where you stand politically, I'm guessing you'll be happy when the onslaught of ads come to an end.  My ears, eyes and mailbox have been full of these ads, but this morning something a little more deadly took place.

As I walked out of my door this morning I slipped and fell backwards into my screen door.  The door kept me from hitting the ground (my phone and keys weren't as lucky).  When I looked down to figure out what happened, I noticed Jon Tester's face under my feet.  Someone (I'm sure it wasn't Jon himself) left an oversized, glossy political flier on my welcome mat.  I'm not sure if the person who left this actually left in on my mat, or if it blew there, but if it was intentional I think they should rethink their marketing strategy.

I'm not sure what Montana's law is, but I know that I've lived in states where you can't open someone's screen door to leave something in between the two doors.  It's considered Breaking and Entering which is frowned upon.  Maybe that's why this political marketer opted to try to disable me.

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