There was a lawsuit filed in Helena yesterday against the Montana Highway Patrol. The Immigrant Justice Alliance claims that the MHP were detaining Hispanic drivers over concerns they were in the country illegally. Can you say profiling? But Paul and I also call it security for our country.

Wouldn’t you rather have suspicious people detained and you kept safe? These days you just never know who’s doing what. And if a person is innocent, then they have nothing to worry about.

And newsflash, we are profiled all the time. You see a guy in the woods wearing an orange vest, you assume he’s a hunter instead of a person who is trying to stay warm with an unfortunate choice for fashion.

You see a person in the hospital with a bloody bandage and you assume they are there to be seen by a Doctor.

When Paul was in school, he was taller than most. And it was assumed that he played basketball. The fact that he did was irrelevant, it’s still profiling.

We all do it every day. Most of us just don’t file a lawsuit.