Public school advocates are furious over the Supreme Court ruling letting public funding go to private or religious schools. Let me ask you a question, if you were going to set up a school system that put emphasis on preparing a student for the next level of education, or even able to function as a productive, self-sufficient human being, which system would you model it after? That is an easy answer.

Our public schools have failed in producing a highly educated student and an achievement-based system. Before you have a fit, realize that only 33% of the kids taking the ACT test in Montana have a score high enough to get into one of our state colleges, according to State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen, who discussed ACT Scores with KURL8 in this video. That is an awful return on our investment. Now, check out the other schools and their ACT scores. They do it on far less spending per student. No one in 8th grade or lower fails. But they move on regardless in school district 2. We have proved over and over again that more spending does not equate to better test scores. If it did we would have a better number than 33%. Instead of blasting private and religious schools maybe our own educational leaders could learn something from them.

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