Washington DC is a great field trip place for grown-ups. I haven't been there since I was seven years old but I can still remember some of the great sites and history that is there.

You can spend days just going thru the Smithsonian Museum and all of its different buildings.

You can imagine my surprise yesterday when I talked to my son John and he was wondering if I could get some passes for him and his girlfriend to tour the White House.


Apparently, you have to get them from one of your senators. I think one of them would be willing to help so I'll reach out for him.

The White House, Washington DC - Image
Muni Yogeshwaran, getty Images


But I was really impressed that a 26-year-old kid who plays NBA Y2K basketball video games for a living would want to tour the White House. I thought, "Wow maybe there is some hope for the future". Young kids who are interested in their country and its historical significance.

I'm not sure if schools do many field trips anymore or not. I always remember going to the Zoo or the Natural History Museum. One of my favorites was the Planetarium. It had seats that would fully recline you on your back so you could look up at the huge dome ceiling. The production was amazing on the solar system and the galaxies, and that was back in the 70s. I can only imagine what that presentation would be like today.

Students getting on school bus
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Field trips are a great learning tool and also a motivator that might push an undecided kid into which career to pursue. Hopefully, the schools still use them...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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