I have to skip out early today but I wanted to give you all an update on the Billings school district two curriculum.

I picked up the books yesterday from the director of the curriculum and he is going above the bar to help me. I really like his approach.

I didn't have a chance to really look through all the books yet but promise you I will.

The one thing that I was able to pay close attention to was the Play it Safe program that is used for educating kindergarteners and up on abuse.

It really hit me after reading these lessons on the seriousness of abuse. Sexual abuse, unnecessary beating, etc. I felt that it did a good job of educating the children about the dangers, what to recognize, and how to get help. As the grade level advances so does the degree of explanation.

Child Abuse
Richard Nelson

I really felt so sad for kids that we have to teach them this but I also recognize the serious need for it.

I can't imagine, either, the poor teacher that has to try to convey the message to young children about how all the people they count on and love can hurt them and let them down. It's one of the courses that you as a parent can opt-out of if you like.

They also show films too that you can opt-out on. You have to make these decisions as parents but I can tell you that the course is done very well.

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It's so sad we are to the point where this needs to be taught. I think we can all admit though that it does.

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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