Wouldn't it be awesome if people did something nice for someone they didn't know once a month just because. Pardon me if I sound a little preachy or like I'm tooting my own horn here because I don't mean to, I just want to inspire action.

Last Friday night when the temperature was about -18 I noticed a homeless man curled up in a doorway on Montana Avenue. He was wearing a thick jacket but other than that had on just jeans, running shoes and no beanie. I was worried he'd freeze to death. I live in one of the nearby lofts so I grabbed an inexpensive blanket and an old pillow and gave it to the man who said "God Bless You". A blessing frankly I don't feel like I deserved. When I walked back into my apartment I noticed I had 5 jackets hanging up on hooks and really, I felt like I'd done the bare minimum a fellow human being could do for another in distress.

Some of the homeless are such because they've made bad decisions, a great many have mental illness and some are victims of very bad breaks. I don't pretend to know who is who, I just think as a human beings we should look out for one another to some small degree. If someone is truly hungry there has to be something in your pantry or refrigerator you could give them to keep them from starving. If they are going to freeze to death maybe you have an old blanket or jacket. Montana is a beautiful place but our harsh weather can be pretty unforgiving so don't you think we can do a little more?

If you help one down and out person in some small way every month you'd be doing so much more than you know for that person and probably even more for yourself. You might even cry because once you start giving you never feel like you've done enough to stem human suffering. But the truth is if everyone commits a random act of kindness every month we'll be a lot closer to achieving that goal.

By the way, the man pictured here isn't the man I helped. I got this on Getty Images. I decided not to take his actual picture for this blog out of respect.

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