The world continues to be out of tilt…

A 33-year-old Montana State University student has been charged with raping a teenage girl. One Clemente Arciga was booked Monday in the Gallatin County Jail, he is being held on $50,000 bond…we think it should be more.

The charges against him include sexual intercourse without consent. It was the girl's mother who told Montana State University campus police that Arciga had sexually assaulted her daughter. When interviewed, the girl told investigators the assaults happened numerous times over about a three month period. What? Why didn’t she say something the first time?

According to court documents,  Arciga told investigators the girl's mother accused him because the mother was angry with him. Now there’s an excuse! Wonder how that will work for him when he comes before the judge?

Folks, the world seems just a little off its axis lately. Thank goodness we are here for you every morning.

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