The former High School teacher that raped a 14 year old student has been released from a Montana prison, this after completing a shockingly short 30-days for rape of a child.  The verdict was handed down by a judge under fire for both the sentence and his remarks about the 14-year-old victim. Rapist Stacey Rambold returned Thursday to Billings, where he was seen reporting to the local probation office after completing a ridiculously short time for the 2007 rape of young Cherice Moralez.

Rambold will remain on probation until 2028, and has been registered as a low-risk sex offender. He was convicted after violating terms of a deferred prosecution agreement he made after Moralez killed herself in 2010.

Prosecutors are appealing District Judge G. Todd Baugh's sentence. A complaint has been filed by advocates seeking Baugh's removal. The judge said at an August sentencing hearing that Moralez seemed "older than her chronological age."

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