So yesterday I did an article on the shooting at the fair. In that article, I mentioned we had a call with a lady that asked me why things are getting out of hand. So I gave my opinion on where and when I think it started and now how police are challenged every day.

I got some feedback from people trying to make this a gun issue instead. People aren't criminals because guns are legal. They're bad people. In fact, it's just the opposite.

How many homes, individuals, and businesses are not the victims of crimes every day because criminals know there are guns in America? It's millions every day.

Or let's put it another way, what would crime be like in America if not one law-abiding citizen, home, business, or security guard had a gun? You know the answer.

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A reader named Jim M. messaged us and said the blame should be on the person that brought the gun and also it goes to the Republican establishment that makes gun laws loosey-goosey and venerate the gun.

Here's his full message:

I just read the “opinion” disguised as an actual news article about the shooting at the MT State Fair. Instead of putting blame where it belongs your author decided to complain about AOC! The blame goes to the person who brought and used a gun! It also goes to the Republican establishment (current Governor and Congressional members) making gun laws loosey goosey and venerating the gun. Get off from your political narrative and tell the facts. I got one do not care for your opinion on “how things got so crazy”.- Jim M.

Told me to get off my political narrative and tell the facts. He didn't care about my opinion on how things got so crazy... But Jim you were allowed to give your opinion on guns...Typical liberal our way or the highway and you're opinion shouldn't count. Keep in mind Jim they asked for my opinion, they got it and no one is going to stop me from telling people what I think. In fact, guns helped establish that right in 1789...

So sorry Jim we disagree, you may not feel the same way about respect for the law that has diminished over the past few years but there are a lot of people that do.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.


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