McGraw House
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Ok, this didn't happen in Billings. But this story is going around on Realtor news sites today and its a real doozey. I thought I'd share it with you as it's kind of creepy and Halloweeny and just downright frightening.

A Realtor in North Carolina was going to a vacant home to preview it before he showed it to some home buyers.  Gorgeous house, priced around $650,000. And when he got inside, he received the shock of a lifetime.  "There was blood everywhere" he's quoted as saying.  Two people, dead in the bathroom.  Turns out, it was the elderly home owner and her adult son.  Both shot.  Authorities are still trying to figure out what happened, but speculate it was a murder-suicide.

Wowzer! Not something I'd like to stumble into, that's for sure. Have you ever found anything weird in a house you've moved into?  I'd love to hear it in the Comments.

- Michael


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