On March 17, Reba McEntire will release her first televised concert special in more than 15 years. The 90-minute special, ‘All the Women I Am,’ will premiere on GAC. Encompassing the energy of McEntire’s live show, much of the footage for the TV special will come from her recent concert at Louisiana’s Cajun Dome, where the longtime performer had a film crew come along with her and roll tape.

The special includes songs from her live show like ‘Is There Life Out There,’ ‘Somebody’s Chelsea,’ ‘I’m a Survivor,’ ‘Strange,’ ‘Turn on Your Radio,’ ‘Does He Love You’ )featuring a guest appearance by Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry), and of course ‘All the Women I Am,’ as well as some of her other famous songs.

The special was produced by Jon Small, who has produced and directed more than 18 music videos for the country star since he began working with her in the ’80s. “When Reba steps into the batter’s box, I know what I’m going to get,” Small told GAC. “She’s the best female singer and the most professional artist, she’s got it all. Even after 27 years of working together, I still get so excited just watching her perform.”

Be sure to catch Reba’s concert television special ‘All The Women I Am’ when it airs on GAC March 17 at 10PM ET.