Alcohol is no reason to justify the legalization of weed.

This morning we received a message that said we are pathetic for dogging pot when alcohol, which kills thousands of people every year, is legal. I love it when people bring up that argument because most don't know how to answer it.

That and the tax benefit. The tax plus is easy to refute. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, the end.

Now back to the alcohol thing, alcohol is exactly why we did not need another vice to contend with. Excessive alcohol use cost the U.S. $249 billion a year, most in workforce productivity. In Montana, that figure is $870 million a year.

Some other stats by the CDC and National Institute on Alcohol Abuse:

  • 10.5 % of kids are being raised in an alcoholic family.
  • 39.7% of kids 12-20 years old use alcohol.
  • 40% of hospitalized cases in the U.S are related to alcohol abuse.
  • 28% of Americans drive drunk.
  • Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in sexual assault cases.
  • It gobbles up a substantial part of family income
  • 1 in 4 students in college reports academic consequences poor grades class attendance etc from drinking.
  • Alcohol increases the risk of cancers in the mouth, esophagus, breast, liver, larynx included.
  • 50 births per thousand have fetal alcohol problems.
  • In men, there are over 200,000 cases of E.D. cases a year blamed on alcohol.

The list of problems from alcohol goes on and on and I will cover many of them for you tomorrow starting at 5:30 a.m.

To our listener who chatted into our app this morning: You're right, alcohol is a problem. So much so that that is exactly the reason why we didn't need ANOTHER vice to deal with now that we know all the problems in society that the last legalized one did...

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Hope you join us tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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