The City of Billings is coming up with all the new rules and regulations for the recreational dope business. If city voters allow it this fall, many of the rules are already in place about what you can put on your storefront, What kind of advertising can be done, store hours, etc.

The one thing they discussed last night was where the businesses can be located. They came up with the I-90 corridor, Main in the Heights, and of course, Montana Ave to bring people downtown and fill those empty buildings.

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Great rules. Close access for all the contraband dope coming off the interstate. Montana Ave, the road that has the highest pedestrian traffic and main in the Heights, is the busiest road in the state. I know, think of all the TAX revenue. People won't use medical marijuana for recreation they would much rather pay the tax to help our state right?

If you are pulled over for use in public, how will they know the difference between medical and recreational? They need two colors like diesel fuel, red and green. That way if your having a great time and don't have the green weed you can be fined like the people who use off-road diesel in a for road use vehicle The fine should be just as steep.

It's a good thing that the Rimrock Foundation is going to double their space in anticipation of what's to come. They are already full so it's a good thing that part of the taxes will go for addiction purposes. See, the tax revenue is already doing us good.

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