A few years ago, I bought a "reusable match" off of a Hong Kong website known for selling unusual items. Basically, it's a metal, match-shaped tube with a wick at the end. The match screws into a flask-shaped container full of fluid. On the outside of the "flask" is a rough surface which sparks the flint embedded in the wick. When you're done, you blow out the flame like you would a regular match. Sounds like it would work, right?

The problem is, it's not just the wick that gets soaked. It's the entire strip of metal, up to and probably including your finger. It also tends to get on the outside of the case which means that when you strike this "match," you can easily end up with a giant fireball in your hand.

The guy in the video had the same experience as me, except I was able to extinguish the stupid thing before setting my whole place on fire. Here's a fire safety tip: Trying to suffocate a fire with paper and then fanning it with cardboard doesn't work.


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