If you haven't heard, one of the more brutal storms this summer completely leveled Paul's barn. Here's how Paul described it:

Mother nature always wins. I had a tornado over the weekend that destroyed what I thought was an indestructible cattle shed. The force literally pulled all the posts out of the ground. All 30 of them that were planted four feet deep. By the time the roof landed, it was 300 yards away from its original site. It's not so much the cost but the time and work it took to build it. - Paul Mushaben

We're so grateful for all the listeners who've already said they'd like to help Paul Mushaben rebuild his barn. For planning purposes, it's really important for us to get a headcount. Please let us know using the form below how many people will be coming with you to the Flakes Barn Raising on October 5 from 8am - 12pm or call Michelle at our front desk 406-248-7827 and let her know you're coming.

And in case you missed it, here's what you'll need to bring:

Here's What to Bring to the Barn Raising (if you can)

To find the ranch, head north on Hwy 87 go 9.5 miles then turn right on Mailbox Road. Go 1.75 miles and turn left at the Blue Ribbons and the CAT sign. You're there.

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