In 30 years of doing our show, a lot of things have changed. But, one thing has always remained constant: reading the menus from the schools on the air.

I realize that most folks have an app or even maybe have a copy of that month's menu hanging on their kitchen bulletin board.

But, some folks are still "old school" and like to hear what their kids are having for lunch that day on the radio.

Back in the early 90's Paul and I did "School Lunch Visits" to every school in the outlying areas. So, I've had lunch in Colstrip one week, and then lunch in Red Lodge the next.

I had one of the most memorable Thanksgiving meals that I ever had in the lunchroom at Lavina. Then I had a Hot Fudge Sunday in Bridger that turned out to be mashed potatoes. Yep. Yuck.

On these visits we always award them a plaque, then do a grand review on the air the next day. And we signed thousands of autographs. I never have understand the demand, but I did it anyway.

Other memories include an epic shot Paul made in the gym in Luther one time and meeting Shirley Briner, who continued to be the head cook in Lockwood until 2008 when she finally retired. Very sweet lady. Great memories.


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