I'm not trying to cover the political side of everything that's happened to what’s on our children’s plates for hot lunch. I'm just glad it's going to have more local control.

Wait. I guess it WILL be politically flavored. The rules being relaxed were implemented by former first lady Michelle Obama in what was entitled "Health, Hunger Free Kids Act". And there were just too many unrealistic restrictions.

Now, our kids can have 1% milk again. Just make the food tasty, and not unhealthy, so the kids get a full belly.

In the early 90's Paul & I had lunch with school kids in every small town lunchroom in our listening area. For 6 years, we went anywhere from Bridger to Melstone, Roundup to Colstrip, and any place in between that had a school lunch program.

We had awesome meals and got to meet so many incredible food service workers who were making great food long before all of these regulations came along.

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