Fair warning: this story about the sloth coming to Billings may contain an overabundance of speed-restricted puns. I mean... it's a sloth. It practically sets itself up (slowly) for jokes. You've probably heard about the Zoo's newest addition inching towards ZooMontana at a snails pace. He's 18-month-old and you can tell - just by looking - that he's one chill dude.

Credit: Sloth/ZooMontana - used with permission

The sloth (yet to be named) has his own Instagram account and you really should follow him. The world seems to be getting crazier every day��and I think we could all observe a lesson from a creature that moves at a much slower pace. Do you think a sloth gives a two-towed crap about whatever thing we're divided about today (subject to change tomorrow?) No, he does not. From his selfies, it appears that he's mainly concerned with laying down flat on his back, ready for a snooze.

Credit: Sloth/ZooMontana - used with permission

The sloth appears to be enjoying some sights along the way, as seen above at Lambeau Field. Looks like he's doing a good job of social-distancing too. He doesn't strike me as much of a football fan. I was thinking golf may be more his speed.

Credit: Sloth/ZooMontana - used with permission

Can you imagine sleeping for EIGHTEEN HOURS per day? That honestly sounds like heaven, for at least a week or two. According to the sloth, he tries not wander around more than about 41 yards per day. That would be like you walking down the street, back to your front door and calling it good for the entire day.

We're not sure what they eat, what kind of music he likes or what they do for fun, but we'll catch up with Sloth and Jeff the Nature Guy whenever they finally crawl into ZooMontana.

Did you know the Zoo has a LIVE BEAR CAM? We can only hope the sloth gets one too.

KTVQ reported last year that the sloth exhibit was made possible by a $51,000 grant from the Montana Department of Commerce's Eastern Montana Tourism Partner Initiative, which is funded through hotel and motel bed taxes. ZooMontana is open with summer hours and is an easy place to maintain social distancing guidelines. Check their calendar for upcoming events.