It's something we don't see much of anymore. A smile to a stranger, opening the door for someone you don't know or saying hello to that person that seems to be having a rough day. How about asking for something with a please and when receiving it replying with a thank you?

Common courtesy doesn't come around too often but we have a whole day dedicated to it today!

As you going about your day here in Billings, start a revolution of kindness. It can be contagious. You can even join others nationwide showing your common courtesy with #CommonCourtesyDay.

Just think, if enough of us do this today then it could bring a happier tomorrow to us and those around us.

A simple please and thank you can go a long way. I try to live by this motto.

It is kind of sad how much our society has forgotten about those 2 little words. Bottom line is those 2 little words are the start of something bigger. Respect.

Too many of us are completely out for ourselves and could care less about our common man.

Smile at your neighbor. Ask them how they are and if they need any help with anything. Let your friends and family know that you love and appreciate them.

Now that may be pushing common courtesy pretty far, but it never hurts.

Make this day a good one.

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