I knew the day would come. I just didn't think it would be such a tough decision. I mean, do I go old school?  Do I go retro? Do I do something custom?

What about the current edition?  I mean, it's kind of basic and doesn't have a whole lot of pop, but it still looks pretty cool.


I'm not any closer than I was when I set out to pick one.  I mean, it's kind of a big deal. You want to make sure that you get the right license plate.  It just so happens that Montana has several to chose from.

I mean, take the standard plate for example. There isn't just one, there are 5 different choices.

image via dojmt.gov

The current plate is ok. It's not too fancy, it shows the outline of the state and would go well with almost any vehicle.

image via dojmt.gov

The throwback from 1989 is cool. Plus, I was still a kid back in 1989, so I like that whole aspect of taking me back to my youth.

image via dojmt.gov

I'm gonna be honest, I kinda like this 1991 plate. It reminds me of some fancy name-brand clothing line that I would pay too much money for. It is certainly on my shortlist.

image via dojmt.gov

The Y2K plate! Ok, this one is solid. I don't hate it. However, it's not my favorite. Having said that, if it was my only choice, I would be fine with it.

image via dojmt.gov

Ahh, yes. This is the 2006 plate. This is the plate I had when I lived in Montana several years ago. I love this license plate. It is also on my shortlist.

So those are my choices.  Unless, of course I decide to go with a personalized plate, then I have like 50 more options.  Seriously, this is way tougher than I thought it would be.

Picking a license plate shouldn't be this difficult!

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