We were talking this morning about being able to renew your driver's license somewhere other than in person and why you couldn't do it yet. Well, guess what? You can actually renew by mail!

I told Mark the eye test doesn't matter. There has never been an accident caused by a person who was not able to read the third line of the eye test at the license bureau. In fact of all the reasons for a car accident, the number one thing is distracted driver, and think about it that is probably because now people can see and are reading their dashboard screen or their phone. Poor eyesight never even finished in the cause of crashes anywhere.

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According to the Montana Department of Justice, you can renew up to a year after your license expires and 6 months before. I guess they even use the same picture and you can get a license that lasts 12 years.

Does anyone know why they never made you pass a hearing test? You have to be able to hear an emergency vehicle before it approaches and they never checked for that. Go figure.

Now the bad news if you want the Real I.D. license you still have to go to the licensed facility to get that one so that's still a pain. I have a passport so next year it's renewed online for me. I think now it's a little over 60 dollars for the renewal.  But renew away...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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