I was renewing my license plates on my car yesterday, and a couple of things came to mind.

First of all, that $5.00 you see on the line for MHP (Montana Highway Patrol) is paying for the retirement of MHP officers in Montana. I have nothing against these folks, but the fact that I pay 5 bucks to their retirement ( and that's five bucks for EVERY vehicle that you license in MT) is not only unfair, it's maddening.  And this is on top of the Federal, state, and county workers retirements that we subsidize before we get to put one cent in our own retirement accounts. And that's not fair.

I realize that this was the agreement with these workers, so we have to honor the deal that was made. But, the time has come to change it and take the burden off us the taxpayer.

But, back to renewing my plates. There is a box you can check so that you don't get charged the six dollars for state parks. You only need to pay this for one of your vehicles. Or, for rebels like me, I never pay it. Let's see if they catch me.

And six bucks is six bucks.


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