Around the Wilson household we’ve been running at full throttle lately. So when my girlfriend said we were staying home Saturday night it was fine by me...and then she mentioned we were playing host to a sleepover for her little girl. Okay, still good with the plan of staying in and relaxing. But what wasn’t part of the plan was a group of little girls getting the flu.

We were two hours into the sleepover evening, pizza devoured and giggling in full progress when down the hall came the rushing feet of one of our guests…with words “I don’t feel well” coming out of her mouth. If only that was the only thing that came out of her little mouth.

You know what smells worse than steam from a Bissell carpet cleaner? The steam from a Bissell carpet cleaner working on the puke from little girls. And that’s how I spent my relaxing Saturday night. Sick little girls, a Bissell Carpet cleaner and running from the flu.

Sometimes it pays to go out.