Before I jump into this sensitive issue, I want to declare a couple of things regarding my personal opinion:

  1. We need better border security
  2. Open borders is too dangerous of a notion to give serious consideration
  3. The people we ask to secure our borders don't have the resources to perform the task they've been given
  4. No American should have to forego their Constitutional rights to make someone's job easier

I used to live in Caldwell, Idaho which is home to allegedly (likely) many illegal immigrants.  It is also home to many legal citizens with Mexican (and other countries south of the border) heritage.  Those legal citizens are no more or less of a citizen than I am.  They are covered by the same Constitution that I am and should not be treated as less of a citizen because of their accent or preferred language.

I'm not going to pass judgement on this agent as a human being because I don't know him, but as far as his work goes, this was a poor judgement call.  I can't imagine that his training has taught him to interrogate anyone speaking Spanish.

As a side note, there are plenty of 4th amendment violations on YouTube happening to people of all races.  Law enforcement is a difficult and dangerous job in any circumstance, but as I stated above, no one should give up their rights to make someone's job easier.  I'm no legal expert, but to my knowledge, this woman was under no obligation to provide her ID.

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