As we have officially entered phase one of the governor's plan to re-open the state and let businesses start to re-open and make a living, some of us have decided that we still need to social distance for a few more days.  What better place than the Hi-line, the place I call home and grew up, Havre. I spent the last few days with my family cleaning out our parents' modular home(s) and going through old memorabilia. It's funny that when someone passes, you know you have to go through their things, yet it feels somewhat like you are violating their privacy. We laughed so hard at old stories we almost cried. We gathered, I mean, social distanced, barbecued, sat around the fire, and just enjoyed our precious time together.  I can't think of a better or more peaceful way to social distance than at the family. These are just a few of my favorite pictures I took.


Social Distancing Hi-line Style

No matter how you have been or continue to social distance, I hope that you are safe and healthy.


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