Should We All Be Getting Flu Shots?
I did something the other night that I have never done. I went to the bar, well, that's not new, but the fact that I got a flu shot at the bar, that's new and crazy. I was out with my co-worker Mya. She was visiting one of her clients, Pharm406...
Let's say, metaphorically speaking, that the state of Montana was like a person in a bar. What kind of person or people would our bar be described as? This is entirely too accurate, you can argue it all you want.
Bar Stocking Tips
At some point, every man needs to fill out his bar. And without question, bourbon should occupy a prime piece (or pieces) of real estate in that bar. Here are five bourbons to get you started.
Billings New Martini Bar
Downtown Billings is beginning to get its swagger on. In 2013 the newly renovated Northern Hotel opened creating a stylishly modern outpost in the middle of cowboy country. Now Doc Harper's Martini Bar is adding to the swanky feel of Broadway Avenue that had previously been the domain of great …