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Well, another week that's flown by and it was a good one.

First and foremost is how we spent the week asking for donations to help buy 97 body cameras for the Billings Police Department. Chief St. John joins us on the air Monday morning to discuss the upcoming safety levy. We will announce the total raised when he is in the studio with us.

Played 18 at Big Timber on Thursday. That golf course is a gem. It's in great shape and there were a total of 5 golfers on the course when we played. And as I stood in the middle of the number one fairway, I watched the interstate traffic speed by. I thought to myself "it IS better to be playing golf than driving anywhere."

I had lunches this week at Taco Johns, Jakes West and I swung through Kings Hat for a couple of pizza burgers. It was well worth cheating on my diet. Also had a large vanilla diet coke. Not exactly like Burger Master but pretty danged close.

This the week that we got the news that they won't be allowed in to watch any school athletic events. I've never seen so many upset parents in my life. Lawyers are getting called while nobody that I've talked to that's called Riverstone Health are getting called back.

And finally, something completely unrelated. The utensil packet that comes with your order is just about perfect. It contains a knife, fork, spoon, napkin, and a salt/pepper packet. So close to perfect. Add one of those packaged sanitizing wipes that's been prefolded 127 times and I think you've done it. This isn't a problem for me as my pickup contains a couple hundred packaged wipes from the Mint carwash.

Anyway, thanks to Dickies for a big donation AND some great food. Awesome brisket.

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