America’s Favorite Old Man Coming to Billings
Traveling comedian and philanthropist Arizona Lou, "America's Favorite Old Man," will perform in Billings this weekend at both the American Legion Post #4 and the VFW Post 12181 to benefit the USS Billings commissioning and homeless veterans respectively.
Taking Your Kid To See Jeff Dunham?
I've never seen the live show in person, but from watching the clips, I'm inclined to say 12 and up have probably heard this stuff unless you run a really tight ship. There is the occasional curse word which doesn't bother me, but the sexual innuendo might be a little over the top for…
New Version Of Baby It’s Cold Outside Is Great!
I saw this version of the song today and thought it was definitely worth the share. I in no way want to belittle sexual harassment and am a firm believer in "no means no", but as a guy it has gotten a little scary to even try to ask for a date or, God forbid, be alone with someone for the …
Rodney Carrington Coming!
Rodney Carrington is coming to Billings!! Don't miss this hilarious show on Saturday, July 22nd at the Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium at 7pm. Get your tickets here! 

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