Ice Cream

8 of Billings' Favorite Frozen Treats
In the first years of my life, I had a dairy allergy. Even having a teaspoon of milk would give me a three day ear infection. So I had my bowl of Cheerios with soy milk, and orange sherbet was the only option when the family stopped at an ice cream parlor.
1988 To 2019, It's Cat Country's Birthday!
Starting with the Breakfast Flakes, listen every hour from 5am to 5pm to win a gift card from Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors that can be redeemed at either of their two locations. See below for address. Mark and Paul will also be drawing for a $1000 Clark Marten gift certificate at 9:45am.
Homemade is Best....
My favorite Summer treat by far is homemade ice cream.  We always had it a couple times each summer.  Sometimes, if you got the first bowl you could taste the rock salt that crept into the lid.  I'm not sure if people even make it anymore because of the work involved but it was t…
Valentines Day Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy
Tip #8. Act like 12 year-olds! Buy a bunch of ice cream and toppings and make each other HUGE ice cream sundaes. Then make a blanket fort, bring your laptop inside and watch a movie on Netflix while devouring your sundaes. Then... devour each other...

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