One Of These Men On The Show Next Week
I found out today that I'll get to interview WWE superstar Bobby Lashley on Monday! Even if you're not a WWE die hard, there is no denying the athleticism of Bobby Lashley. This guy holds some major titles on his resume` and is allegedly a very nice guy.
Sorry Garth!
Sorry we didn't have Garth on for you this morning but we waited 15 minutes and then he couldn't get through.  Garth is truly genuine and I know he feels bad about not getting through but they don't hold the plane for one person.  Tomorrow will be a big day and I'm sure…
Zinke Fact Check
Newly minted U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL, knew Chris Kyle... the sniper who's Iraq War exploits are the subject of the blockbuster "American Sniper". In a recent interview Zinke talks about the toll exacted on soldiers who serve several tours of duty and…
A great big thank you to everyone who sent in questions!  It was great talking to the band!  You can hear the whole interview below.  As you can hear, they really like Billings already, so let's be the best crowd they've ever had on Sunday night...

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