When Did You Feel Middle Aged?
There are 45 more signs listed in the article, but so far I'm not feeling most of these. I've always had a tough time dealing with people's nonsense, so I'm not going to count that one. Definitely getting a few gray hairs, but not in unusual places. When I'm done here, I …
The Single Dad’s Dreaded Day
When the day comes, if it should happen to be on one of the days where she is staying with me, I guess I'll take the Al Bundy approach and just tell her to "Walk it off."
Better Than an Ice Scraper?
Whenever the temperatures start dropping, I tend to see posts on social media about "life hacks" to deal with the cold. This year, I decided to try a couple of recipes which claimed to replace one of my least favorite winter chores: Scraping ice off of the windshield...
Billings Graduating Class of 2015!
There has already been numerous graduation ceremonies around the Billings area with Rocky, MSU-B, Laurel and Billings Central receiving their degrees and diplomas, but there are more to the Class of 2015 that graduate this Sunday, May 31st.
LeAnn Rimes Talks Tour, New Music and Family Life on the Road
More than 15 years into her career, LeAnn Rimes has seemingly come into her own as artist, wife and step-mother of two, striking an important balance between her work and personal life. In an interview with radio station 1130 the Tiger, the Grammy Award-winning singer spoke candidly about the import…