Jake Owen made a big change recently, cutting his famously long locks in exchange for a slicked-back, shorter 'do. He says it was a little nagging from his mom that helped him decide to go all in and give himself a brand new look.

In Owen's first on-camera interview since his cut, he seems like he's still getting used to his new hair. “I’ve never really slicked back my hair though, that's what’s weird,” he tells radio station KMLE.

The singer hilariously admits he hasn't seen his neck -- or even the back of his hair -- in a long time! "I don’t even know what the back looks like … what does it look like?” he asks, spinning around. Hosts Steve and Nina point out a handful of neck freckles, which surprises the 'Beachin'' singer.

“It’s got freckles on it?” he says.

This is the first time Owen has worn his hair short in a decade, so it's no wonder he isn't familiar with his neck. It was the star's wife and mother who 'encouraged' the cut, even though he says he's been telling wife Lacey he would make the change for years now.

“My wife, she wanted a different man,” Owen says, laughing. “No, she really didn’t … and my mom’s always like, ‘You need to cut your hair’ and so it wasn’t like i was going to trim it. I just was gonna drastically do it and so I did it."

Lucky for fans, he's still the same ole Jake, even waving a beer during the interview. “I sound the same and I still have the same heart," he assures, smiling that toothy white smile.

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