Montana Is 18th Most Dangerous State In America
Using 2017 FBI data published last year, has released a study on the Most Dangerous States in America. Population, violent crime trend, violent crimes, property crime trends, property crime and citizen-to-officer-ratio was analyzed to rank the states.
For Men, Being Lazy = More Nookie!
A new study conducted by sociologists at the University Of Washington have found that married couples who share household chores have less sex than couples that have more traditional roles. In instances where the husband didn't perform stereotypically female tasks like cooking or cleaning, coup…
New Study Shows How ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Actually Harming Society
Many haters of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Teen Mom 2,’ ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Real World’ have always somewhat jokingly said these shows are harming society. Turns out they might be right, at least when young ladies are concerned. A study released on Wednesday by The Parents Television Council (PTC) shows tha…
Perk Me Up!
So it seems anything you eat or drink these days effects you somehow negatively. There is always some study, somewhere, from some doctor, saying how all is BAD for you.  Well a new study finds that women who consume a little extra java have a better time keeping off depression.

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