It’s the moment nobody in the world hopes for — the moment when Justin Bieber gives you a hug and says, “Guess what? You just got ‘Punk’d.’” That was the reality for Taylor Swift recently, after the sweet songstress thought she’d set off a firework that caught a boat on fire, ruining a wedding taking place on said boat and causing the bride and groom to dive into the ocean to swim for their lives. Yeah, it was a pretty cruel one, and it all started when the Biebs chose Swift as his target for the second life of the MTV show.

Telling the ‘Punk’d’ team that he considers Swift a friend, Bieber — who played host on Thursday’s season premiere–  said he thought she’d be the best place to start, due to her sweet and caring nature. When one of his co-conspirators laid out the wedding boat firework explosion plan and made a comment about not wanting to make Swift cry, Bieber shot back: “We don’t want her to cry?” Suggesting that he did, the pop star affirmed everyone that the tears would be flowing.

“Yes! She’s gonna cry,” he said. “She’s like the sweetest girl ever, so if she thinks that she ruined a wedding and she thinks that she blew something up, there’s no chance that she won’t.” With that settled, the plan began to unfold. Bieber called up Swift asking her to come out to Malibu for a ‘writing session.’ Days later, the blonde beauty appeared outside the oceanside studio, guitar in hand, ready to write. But before she could even open her guitar case, someone offered Bieber some sparklers they got from a “promoter in Japan.”

Cautious from the beginning, Swift kept her distance — “because people can get their faces blown off!” — but was eventually coaxed out onto the deck to (barely getting close enough to reach it) push a button and set off a firework. Instantly, a boat in the shallow ocean goes up in flames, and the panic sets in. An angry “neighbor” comes over to yell at Bieber and Swift, demanding to know what happened. The bride and groom come to shore in a lifeboat and scramble through the waves and sand, absolutely ruining their best-day-of-your-life attire while yelling things like “what happened?” and saying their wedding party was still on the boat.

You’ll have to watch the episode to take in the full drama of the moment, which culminates with the groom screaming, “Thanks for ruining my wedding! Thanks for ruining the best day of my life! Thanks, Taylor Swift. Thanks a lot!” Try as she might to call the police or the coast guard and settle everyone down, Swift is left to sit and think about her fate until Bieber breaks the news to her that she’s the real victim.

“You’re the worst!” she shouted, hitting him in the arm like a little brother. After getting a second to take it all in (and confirm that they’re still writing), Swift was a great sport about the ordeal, and even admitted what was going through her head. “I thought I would be rotting in a jail cell forever because Justin Bieber made me push a button,” she spilled, later confessing to the camera, “I just got ‘Punk’d’ and it was incredibly traumatic and brilliant, and this one is the guy who did it to me (pointing at the mischievous Biebs).”

Watch Taylor Swift Get ‘Punk’d’ by Justin Bieber

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