Being in the over 50 club, I am well aware that there are certain tests and immunizations I should be getting, but will I, that's another question. According to Web MD, there are several tests I should be having, like a colon cancer screening (had mine about five years ago - the Doctor said I'm good for another 5 years). I should also have my blood pressure and blood sugar checked, along with my cholesterol and routine mammograms. I recently, well in September, for the first time ever, I got the recommended flu shot. Yes, I know that I am supposed to have a flu shot every year.  As I was getting the shot, the sweet young (and when I say young I mean my son's age) pharmacist remarked that since I was over 50 (like that's a bad thing), I should really get the shingles shot too.  I believe his exact words were, "People that are older, like you, should really get the shot." I opted to pass on the shingles shot, however; I am in the back of my mind thinking it probably isn't a bad idea.

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Here's my take: whether you're over 50 or not, you should take care of yourself.  I generally have an annual exam each year. I call it my "a to z." I am generally a healthy person, no high blood pressure or hypertension or anything like that. I do have cancer concerns, as it does run in my family, as well as high blood pressure, but mine is fine.


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