The weather may be going back and forth but the threat of sunburn is still there.

I got a touch of a burn last Thursday while broadcasting from Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark for the big Carrie Underwood concert. I quickly took care of the issue when I got home and everything was fine.

Moving on to Saturday I ended up doing another outside broadcast and then went home to play with the kids outside for a couple of hours.

Like usual, I didn't notice any problem until it was too late.

I went inside to kick back for a bit and it was only then that I felt my head baking. I went to the mirror to see my bald head turn into a bright red ball of fire.

The picture above doesn't even do justice to what I found.

Things are so sore on the top end and once again I feel so stupid for not protecting myself. What's even more ridiculous is that I do this every single year and never seem to learn.

Have you received your first burn of the season yet?