Sneezes and coughs don't keep me from getting my job done, but I can get some nasty headaches that make it impossible to concentrate. When this happens, I want rid of it as soon as possible.

For me, there is no better cure than a headache powder. B.C., Goody's, Stanback...doesn't matter what brand, I just need that combo of aspirin and acetaminophen crushed up into a disgusting tasting powder. Why wait for a pill to dissolve?

The only problem with these headache powders is this: A lot of people have no idea what they are. If you were a coworker of mine and saw me remove a folded up piece of waxed paper from my wallet filled with a suspicious white powder, what would you think? I have had several occasions where someone with a shocked looks ask me what exactly I'm doing.

If you have no aversions to any of the ingredients, give one a try sometime when you have a pounding head. Just know that if someone happens to see you, they might head to H.R. to let someone know that you may have a problem.

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