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A million miles on one car?  Sounds unbelievable, but apparently true!

A man from Maine was just given a new car from Honda after his 1990 Accord hit one million on the odometer.  It got me wondering...what's the longest one of our listeners owned a vehicle?  And what is the shortest you owned a car?

Here is what we found on Facebook.

  • Debbi Merritt - I did see that on the news yesterday he said he followed the scheduled maintenace for his honda. Honda gave him a new car, nice...
  • Jennifer Sanderson-Werner - Wow thats amazing! Most mileage I ever had on one was 180,000 but i bought it used so not all my miles. Makes me want to buy a honda! Lol
  • Tammy Hockhalter -  Just over 300,000 with our 1990 Chevy pickup. Who knows how long we would have had it. Someone ran through a stop sign out on the westend and T boned me and totaled it. Oh, how we loved that truck. RIP
  • Dugie Denton - got the wife a car last year for school on 9 sept 10 by 23 sept 10 she got rearended and totaled at a stop light on 29 st and 6 ave
  • Chris Lee - I work at a dealership in town and we took a 92 Chevy truck in on trade awhile back with 660,000 miles on original equipment!
  • Troy Replogle ‎- 3rd Day i had my first car, rear ended totaled.... 2 weeks later, T-Boned. Totaled, waiting for a new car -.-
  • Monica Stricker - My toyota, I had it for 10 years. My first car the rez racer for about 6 mos to a year before I got t-boned in an intersection. I would still be driving it otherwise.
  • Bettie Norvell Wall - I Bought my 1999 Ford Escort LX, Brand NEW right off the delivery truck with 2 miles on it, and still have it ! and it's in great shape, I am just turning 96,000. BUT it is 4 SALE, before that I bought a used Opal for $100.00 had it about 3 days before the racket pinion went out sold it for parts, then bought me a 1970 Chevy 2 wagon. had it 4 years then had an accident in it torn out the transmission.. NOT good.. don't swerve to miss a dear.NOT GOOD ...
  • Bo Cinnamon Lyon - We had our Chevy 1976 Impala for 12 years....traded in on our 1987 Lincoln Town car in 1988....