Last night at The Nile Rodeo I had one of those "restore your faith in people" kind of moments that I just had to share.

I arrived just as things were getting started and, of course, had to hit the concessions stand before making my way to my seat. The line wasn't huge; probably a half dozen people in front of me. As I was waiting in line, the announcer came on the P.A. and introduced the lady who would be singing our national anthem. As she started, everyone in line and the people behind the counter stopped what they were doing. Some even stood with a hand covering their heart. One lady who was by the curtain that blocks the view of the arena, peeled it back so that the people could hopefully get a view of the flag.

I know this might not seem like a big deal to some people. Perhaps it just seems normal; and you're right, it should be normal. I have been to many events where I am certain this would not have happened. There were no objections in this case. People in line, people passing by, people behind the counter, all stopped what they were doing out of respect for our country. THAT is a big deal. Hats off to everyone who knows this is right and to the parents who raise their kids to act this way.

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