Overall, camping has been on a steady decline across the U.S. for the last several years. Many Americans claim they simply don't have time for nature. Others seem to have a fear of being disconnected from the electronic world and simply won't venture off into spots without phone and internet coverage.

Here in Montana we are blessed with some breathtaking scenery, a lot of which is "off the beaten path" and only experienced by true camping enthusiasts. Since Labor Day is coming up, I won't be focusing on those trips that require a lot of physical fitness and a backpack. Instead, I just wanted to check out our most popular campgrounds for those families who still get excited about a good old fashioned camping trip.

Number 5: Philipsburg Bay Campground

Philipsburg Bay is about a 4 hour trip from Billings and has much to offer for those into water sports and fishing. The campground is adjacent to the nearly 3,000 acre Georgetown lake at an elevation of around 6,000 feet. The views are outstanding of course, and with 69 sites available, it's usually not too tough to reserve your spot. In addition to the standard camping fare, you can also do some gem mining and check out the nearby ghost town of Granite, shown in the video below.

Number 4: Bighorn Canyon

Bighorn Canyon is not only an amazing camping spot, it's only about 80 miles from Billings. With seven campgrounds to choose from, they have experiences ranging from "roughing it" at a tent site, to full RV hookups. With sites as low as 10 bucks a night, this can be an affordable destination for any family.

Click here for a listing of the seven campgrounds in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Check out this video tour to get a better idea of what's right in your backyard.

Number 3: Fort Peck Lake

Fort Peck is definitely more of a drive than Bighorn, but if you're serious about fishing, it's well worth the extra miles. You can expect about 4.5 hours of travel time. In addition to reeling in some trophy trout, you'll also find several nearby campgrounds that offer all of the expected amenities.

Here's a video that might give you an idea of the monsters you might be able to pull out of this massive lake.

Number 2: Apgar Village

Apgar Village is in Glacier National Park on the southern tip of Lake McDonald and many reviewers describe it as heavenly. Travel time from Billings is roughly 7 hours. For those people who don't plan on doing enough camping to invest in a lot of gear, this is certainly a great place to stay in a lodge, but still have access to some of Montana's most amazing landscapes.

Here's a video that shows some of the sights and activities you'll encounter at Apgar Village

Number 1: Glacier National Park

You probably saw this one coming, but when it comes to amazing scenery, Glacier National Park is pretty hard to beat. Glacier has the facilities and landscapes to provide a relaxing getaway, but with more than 700 miles of trails, it is a hiker's dream come true.

You could spend another weekend binge watching something on Netflix, or you can jump in the car and make the six hour journey to Glacier. I'll spare you my attempts to come up with adjectives to describe this place (majestic mountains, alpine meadows, spectacular lakes, etc.) and instead show you some great Glacier Video.

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