• This week I learned what a yurt is. And that it is possible to text a message to landlines. What other neat technical things aren't I being told?
  • Talking with friends in Texas about the snow and ice they've got, hardly anybody is leaving their homes.
  • Governor Gianforte signed a bill relaxing some of the rules for concealed carry of firearms in our state. I'm extremely pro-gun anyway. But the best part of this decision is that some of the anti-gunners that I've had fights with on Facebook will lose their minds over the decision.
  • The Huntley Project FFA is doing a virtual fundraiser this year because they can't get together for their regular fundraiser dinner. You can bid by going to this link. The kids will sure appreciate it.
  • I was told that all of George Strait's exes must be mighty cold this week.
  • My all-time favorite professional sports athlete's nickname is "Awesome Bill From Dawsonville."
  • A melancholy farewell to former Great Falls broadcaster, Charlie Heit. He and my dad worked together for a bit. And when I'd stop by the radio station to see my dad, Charlie would always have time to stop and talk to me. One of the coolest things about working in radio was getting to meet and work with announcers that I had been listening to growing up. Most of them, anyway.
  • And I spent part of Valentine's Day wondering whatever happened to the girls that I had crushes on in grade school and junior high.
  • There is one week left in our "Restaurant Possible" promotion. Participating restaurants are listed right here.

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