Do you carry? Maybe you should.

I make sure that wherever I go I have a firearm close by. It's just out of habit now. I always thought it would come in handy in case I run into a skunk or a snake. Now it's the nut jobs out there that we should be worried about.

Over the weekend two people were walking along the rims in the morning when, according to police, a man approached two people and asked for a cigarette. Then he pulled out a gun and stole what he could before fleeing.

My theory is if someone pulls a gun on you, you have to believe they are going to use it. If you're wrong, you're dead. If you know that you could never pull the trigger then you should not be carrying a gun, it will do you no good.

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We had a sheriff tell us one time if we catch guys out in the country and they are robbing or stealing from you be prepared to use your gun because out there they are willing to use theirs.

If you do carry it and it's visible, chances are no one will mess with you.

If those two people walking the rims would have been in a police uniform or even a military one they would have never been approached. Why? The association with them and side arms.

Guns aren't for everyone, I get it, some people are deathly afraid of them, but keep in mind so are most criminals.

I mean, I have fire extinguishers just in case and hope I never need them. I feel the same way when I have a firearm but feel much safer with it.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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