Yesterday being Mother's Day, I decided to take the kids down the street from our house in the Heights for awhile and give my wife a break. She had gallbladder surgery last Friday and a house full of crazy kids has not been on top of her list of fun and I don't blame her.

I figured and hour or two of quietness would help her relax and get some much needed rest.

When we got there, I noticed a number of kids playing and have a good time. They ranged in age from about 10 down to about 5.

My kids quickly joined and were having a great time meeting new friends.

We were there just over and hour or so when I saw one of the younger kids go by one of the slides where he saw an old cigarette butt that had been there awhile.

Sure enough he picked it up and ate it. I won't lie, I dry heaved a little.

What is the weirdest thing you or someone you know swallowed?

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